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5/5: PUBLIC DEMO RELEASE! [Full release will come later]

I thought it would be a good idea to type this out so I can announce this game properly. SO HERE COMES YOUR PROPER ANNOUNCEMENT.

Story: You are a police officer who is hunting a ruthless serial killer that the media has dubbed Belial. He leaves large marks all over his crime scenes and always leaves the bodies in a grotesque manner.

Genre: The genre of this game will be an murder mystery type of game in the vein of Danganronpa and Ace Attorney. It will also have some Persona qualities such as “social links”. You will be able to have a social aspect with the characters of this game.

Game mechanics:

  • YOU: You will play as a newbie cop. The protag will be nameable, you may chose your gender, but NEW TO THIS GAME; you will be able to take a small test in the beginning to determine your personality. Your personality will change some dialogue in the game but not the outcome. So if you were to get one ending with a “domineering” personality, you will get the same with a “meek” personality.
  • Meters: There will be meters in the game to make sure that you’re not just messing around. You will have an endurance meter and a sanity meter. There might be some other meters that you will also need to keep in mind that aren’t displayed.
  • Relationships: Your relationships with the characters will directly impact the story. What you do is important.
  • SFW and NSFW options: THIS IS NOT A FETISH GAME. This will not be like BTD. But there will be sex in this game, it will be between you and any of the characters listed below. All NSFW options are consensual. BE AWARE that some characters such as Roy and Jack will get rougher with the MC. You have the options of skipping these parts. They are 100% optional and they will not affect your story if you do not see them.


Roy McNamara: Roy is the Lead detective of your team. He has been on the case since it was first discovered. He’s a depressed nihilist but he’s also a genius, he’s extremely good at his job but has a drinking problem. He lost his old team to a new upstart detective, because they are taking Roy off this case soon. This is your last chance to solve this before Roy and your whole team are put behind desks. Roy has the most comprehensive knowledge of the case as a whole. (Fun fact: He has an Irish accent)

Xander Rosario:  A dedicated police officer trying his best always! Epitome of lawful good. He’ll do anything to make sure that justice is served. He is an ex-military soldier and does have some problems with PTSD. Before this case Xander worked Vice, he’s very street smart and knows how to talk to people well. (Fun Fact: Xander is cuban, he… also has an accent >_>;;;)

Alice Carroll: A perky woman who is your Forensic Analyzer. She’s new to the investigation role as this is only her second case, but she’s very smart and will help you figure out how to deal with a crime scene.  She’s very loyal and will do anything to make sure everyone stays safe.   Alice will give you tips and tricks on what to look for. (Fun Fact: Alice likes white rabbits and the sound of ticking clocks)

Jack Buchanan: An unimpressed, grumpy and antisocial Psychology Doctorate student from the local Private University. He’s only here because the police chief requested that the team have a Criminal Psychologist on the team and he was the most qualified. Jack will help you analyze and understand the Criminal mind behind the killings. He has the most in-depth insight about who might have done this and will talk to you frequently about his findings. (Fun Fact: Yes. He was in TDDUP, and this is the same person from TDDUP just 25 years younger <: )

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel

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Mark of Belial [MAC DEMO] 51 MB
Mark of Belial [PC DEMO] 68 MB