July 1, 2017

Till Death Do Us Part Update!

Okay here’s the update for this week.

I finished one background. BUT! I finished all the intros c: so this game is coming along at a steady pace.

That’s all I have for this week. But, I’ll keep updating every week or every other week depending on what I have to show.




I don’t show how they met or how they got married in game. It’s up to the player to have their own headcanons or whatever you like.


Marcus would give them a hate glare and hold you close. Jack wouldn’t notice. Chris would feel like he shouldn’t be touching you / holding your hand.

Marcus would have made a scene, proposed to you in a public location where people could see. Jack would have done it at home during some romantic dinner. Chris’s probably would have been a passing thought/ eloping.


It’s up to you. Jack’s MC is implied to be a bit younger than him but other than that it’s up to you XD




Probably his gun or a taser.


You’re under the assumption that they have normal sex drives. c: so I dunno.

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